I factory-reset my computer more often than most people, so I keep links to all of the programs I use here (for easier setup).

Command-line Tools

Bazelisk FFmpeg Git Git LFS Heroku CLI

Libraries and Frameworks (etc.)

CUDA cuDNN Java JDK Node.js Electron Ionic Angular

Development Environments (etc.)

Visual Studio Sublime Text Eclipse Rider dotPeek Android Studio Unity Anaconda QB64 Python


Piskel Bfxr Blender BeepBox Stitches Audacity DaVinci Resolve

Other Development Tools

Inno Setup Heroku SourceTree Launch4j Shields explainshell JD-GUI


Steam Origin Minecraft MCUpdater League of Legends Legends of Runeterra Magic: The Gathering Arena VALORANT


Google Chrome Discord 7-Zip DOSBox Win32 Disk Imager TMAC iTunes Streamlabs OBS OBS Studio Nmap PuTTY WinSCP WinMD5 WizTree